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Our Aims


What is play?


Our Aims

At Westbourne House, we commit ourselves to providing a happy and secure environment, where children feel valued, enjoy learning through the art of play and can develop and flourish.

Our qualified, enthusiastic and committed staff off for children up ruled and balanced variety of activities, all of which are centred on play.

During these early years, we hope to promote positive social skills and we encourage all children to become responsible, confident and independent.

We work hard to ensure that all children have high self-esteem along with consideration and respect for others.

We highly value different religious, cultural backgrounds and beliefs of people world wide.

We aim to further your child's understanding of the world in which they live and to support and encourage them to develop respect and understanding of different cultures.

We aim to build positive partnerships between children, staff and parents. Here, at Westbourne House, we strongly encourage parents to become a revolt and welcome them to join in whenever they wish.

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