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Our Aims


What is play?


Westbourne House Philosophy

At Westbourne House, we recognize the importance of ‘play’ and it's beneficial attributes to all areas of development and learning.

By providing your child(ren) with a safe and creative environment to play, we aim to support the following areas of development:

Physical Motor Skills           - exploring mobility and balance.

Hand and eye coordination - learning to grip, pull and push.

Language and speech        - listening, understanding and developing communication skills.

Creative development        -

  • Art and craft - painting freely and with varying themes, drawing and collages, printing and exploring patterns, junk modeling.

  • Puzzle and Story Corner - chicks source developed many of the skills in coordination, interaction, Pre- reading and writing as well as plenty of enjoyment. Stories and reading you for life to imagination, which is highly beneficial to emotional and social development.

  • Music, dance and drama - songs and musical instruments, imaginative play and puppetry.

  • Cookery - simple cakes and biscuits, sandwiches, pizza and other desserts.

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