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What is play?


What is Play ?

Play brings together the ideas, feelings, relationships and physical life of the child. It helps children use what they know and understand things about the world and people they meet. Children do not play by halves, they put their whole being into it! A child who has played has concentrated, thought, felt and related it to others.

Here at Westbourne House we believe that children need plenty of free choice of activities in order to play. All our staff believe that play is central to learning; play, including a flowing play, is encouraged by flexible timetabling.

Research suggests that it is very important that adults working with young children know and understand what play is, and need to be trained to understand its central contribution to the learning the children experience. Adults need to support and extend children's play with sensitivity and skill. All our staff are qualified.

Play helps children to coordinate what they learn. This means that play brings together all the different aspects of a child's development.

‘Learning is easy when you want having fun!’

We hope that in providing a safe, stimulating, creative and supportive environment for children, we may all offer them and exciting and memorable learning experience at Westbourne House.

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