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Rosie Rabbits

Rosie Rabbits room can hold up to nine children aged 1 -2 years. The ratio is one member of staff to three children. We always have two qualified members of staff on duty. A qualified nursery nurse runs the room, with a first aider at hand.

In the room we follow individual routines to meet every child’s needs. Rosie Rabbits consists of two linked rooms. One room is used as the quiet room, which gives children the opportunity to rest with suitable toys, sleep mats and a cot. The other room is used for creative activities such as painting, drawing, messy play, sand and water play. There is an outdoor play area, which is used as much as possible (weather permitting) and an indoor soft-play room.

In this room we set a daily theme with learning objectives, rotating the toys and books. These are linked to the theme of the week. Each child is assigned a key worker, who will write a development report showing the child's progress. This is updated every term and is available on request.

At the end of each session your child will have a daily report. This will inform you of the events of the day. Please feel free to talk to the staff at anytime if you have any queries.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us


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