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Westbourne Nursery

Aims of Westbourne House

At Westbourne House, we commit ourselves to providing a happy and secure environment, where children feel valued, enjoy learning through the art of play and can develop and flourish.

Our enthusiastic and committed staff, offer children a board and balanced variety of activities, all of which are centred on play. In addition on gaining language, mathematical, scientific and artistic skills, they are encouraged to develop enquiring minds, to question, reason and make decisions.

During these early years, we hope to promote positive social skills and we encourage all children to become responsible, confident and independent.

We work hard to ensure that all children have high self-esteem along with consideration and respect for others. High standards of positive and kind behaviour are encouraged at all times.

We highly value different religious, cultural backgrounds and beliefs of people worldwide. We aim to further your child’s understanding of the world in which they live and to support and encourage them to develop respect and understanding of different cultures.

We aim to build positive partnership between children, staff and parents. Here, at Westbourne House, we strongly encourage parents to become involved and welcome them to join in whenever they wish.

Westbourne House Philosophy-

At Westbourne House, we recognise the importance of play and its beneficial attributes to all areas of development and learning. Play brings together the ideas, feelings, relationships and physical life of the child. It helps children use what they know and to understand things about the world and people they meet. Here at Westbourne House, we believe that children need plenty of free choice activities and adult led activities to introduce new fun experiences. We provide your child(ren) with a safe and creative environment to play, we follow The Early Years Foundation Stage (2021). There are seven areas of development in which we plan exciting activities and children are able to select their own activities. We discuss with the parents children’s current interest and use our own observations in order to plan to individual development needs and interests.

Examples of activities we use;

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teddy bear picnics, group games involving turn taking and sharing skills

making an obstacle course involving balancing, crawling and running. As well as fine motor skills such as threading and pencil control, forming letters and writing words

we provide a language and symbol rich environment. We plan circle time activities to encourage listening skills and pre-reading skills. Puppet imaginative play and small world play.

Introducing letters through games and songs. Once letter sounds are learnt we introduce sound talking to enable word recognition and early reading skills.

Exploring sand and water play to introduce volume language and introduce number symbols. Playing dice games to practice counting and adding and taking away problem solving skills. We explore shape through jigsaws and collage pictures.

We have our own planting area for growing seeds. We learn how seeds grow and how to look after them. Children can learn how ICT toys work and complete simple games.

Children can paint and stick freely creating prints, shapes and patterns. We provide children with musical instruments to experiment with sounds and dance.

We hope that by providing a safe, stimulating, creative and supportive environment for children, we may offer them an exciting and memorable learning experience here at Westbourne House.

For more examples of activities please visit our Facebook page. 

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racey. Westbourne House Manager

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Our Team

Meet our childcare qualified team! from level 3 to 6. We provide high quality childcare for over 20 years! Children benefit from continuous practitioners caring for children’s individual needs and building a strong relationship to help them learn and develop through play.

Alison has been with us 20 years, Linsey has been with us 11 years, Sarah has been with us 13 years, Cherry has been with us 19 years, Sam has been with us 19 years, Elaine has been with us 16 years, Sarah has been with us 5 years, Frankie has been with us 18 years, Dani has been with us for 2 years and Anne-louise who is a recent addition to the team.

Michael is our fully qualified chef providing fresh cooked meals daily to meet individual needs.

Our Facilities

We have two large outdoor playgrounds, one with a large climbing frame and the newest area has a pretend road. In February 2020, we refurbished our indoor large soft playroom with lots of space to explore, climb, build and balance. This space is perfect for children learning to walk, to children building dens and playing games. 

We also have an area with garden beds for growing vegetables and flowers.

We have two dining rooms, separate from the playroom, so that children are not playing and eating in the same area. 

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