Westbourne House Nursery School


So what do we offer?

We Have Rooms Tailored To Specific Age Groups

We have different rooms that the children progress through as they get older, just like at school. This means we can tailor the care and education to meet the varying needs of children as they grow. We call the rooms by the following names :-

Select the Tab to see info for your child’s age group!

Freddie Fish is our baby unit for up to six babies. The ratio is one member of staff to three babies. All the members of staff hold a level 3 Nursery Nurse qualification, with a first aider in the room.
The room is split to provide a separate sleeping room with a viewing window and baby monitor to provide a quiet area to rest. The main room is equipped with suitable toys to provide for early development opportunities. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021) focusing on the three prime areas of learning which are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development. We plan fun activities such as action songs and rhymes, messy fun play, story time, and discovery play. During the session babies have the opportunity to explore the two outside play areas and the indoor soft playroom.
We pride ourselves in providing freshly liquidised meals and finger food for babies beginning to explore food. We provide all milk required during the day.
We make every effort to maintain your established routine from home. Our number one priority is to ensure that your baby remains happy. A key person will help your baby settle into their new nursery environment and monitor their learning and achievements through observations.
Daily record sheets are given out each session to provide key information about your baby’s time at nursery. This includes milk intake, food intake, nappy changes, sleep times and any special activities that your baby has enjoyed..

Rosie Rabbits room can hold up to nine children, aged 1 to 2 years old. All members of staff are level 3 qualified Nursery Nurses.
We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021) focusing on the three prime areas of learning which are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development.
Rosie Rabbits room consists of two linked rooms. One room is used as a quiet room, which gives the children the opportunity to rest with suitable toys, sleep mats and a cot. The other room is used for creative activities such as painting, drawing, messy play sand and water play. A floor play area provides construction play, role play and small world play. A book area provides time to rest and listen to stories.
In Rosie Rabbits room, we follow individual children’s home routines as well as supporting children to explore and discover the world around them through carefully planned activities. There are two outside play areas and an indoor soft play we use as much as possible.
Each child is assigned a key person to help the child settle into the nursery environment and monitor their learning and achievements through observations.
At the end of each session your child will have a written daily sheet. This will inform you of the events of the day..

We have two rooms that are for children aged 2- 3 years old. Billy Badgers room can accommodate up to twelve children and Suzie squirrels room can accommodate up to 8 children. The Staff ratio is 1; 4. All staff members hold a level 3 qualification.
This room offers a variety of activities to encourage children’s inquisitive nature to find things out and develop different skills. The children learn through play by investigating their environment which offers role play, messy play, art and craft, book area, floor activities, table top activities, two outside play areas and an indoor soft play room. All activities are planned in line with The Early Years Foundation Stage (2021).
During the session, we plan fun learning experiences such as singing, story time, circle games that promote social skills and communication and language development.
Each child is assigned a key person who will help your child settle into nursery environment and monitor their learning and achievement through observations.
At the end of each session your child will have a written daily sheet. This will inform you of the events of the day. Please feel free to talk to the staff at any time if you have any queries.
The term after a child’s second birthday they may be entitled to 15 hours a week free childcare during term time only. For more information please ask on reception..

Harry hedgehogs can accommodate up to 24 children aged between 3 and 5 years old. The staff ratio is 1:8. All the members of staff hold a minimum of a level 3 qualification and up to an early years professional status (level 6).

In the Harry Hedgehogs room children learn through play, by selecting their own activities. This ensures all children explore and learn through all the 7 areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021). We encourage children to become confident independent learners by encouraging them to ask questions and make decisions. We help children to become independent ready for transition into school by encouraging children to share knowledge and experiences in groups. We practice letter recognition and letter formation ready for name writing. We play games to learn our shapes, number symbols and measurement skills. Children also take home a book bag. We support and encourage reading skills using the Oxford tree reading books.

In Harry Hedgehogs we ask children to wear a nursery uniform which can be ordered from reception.

If you are interested in a place in Harry Hedgehogs, children aged 3 and 4 are entitled to receive government funding for free hours the term after the child’s 3rd birthday. You can have 15 hours term time only – Free!!
– Or if eligible children can have 30 hours per week term time- Free!
– Or if eligible children can have 22 hours per week over 51 weeks – Free!

We understand the importance of your child being able to settle in quickly !

We endeavour to make your child’s introduction to nursery as pleasant as possible. With this in mind, we offer three free one hour sessions, which we suggest are taken on days when your child will attend nursery. Parents / carers may wish to stay with their child to give them an opportunity to become accustomed to the new environment.

Cheeky Monkeys Afterschool Club

Afterschool care is available Monday to Friday whereby a member of staff will meet your child at school and walk back to the nursery. We provide the children with a variety of activities including painting, designing and making, board games, baking and parachute games. We also have 2 outside areas to explore ball games, hoop play, chalk drawing, designing an obstacle course or den making. We currently only collect from St Annes CofE School

Holiday Club

Holiday club is available throughout all the school holidays from 8am to 6pm. It is a great way for children to have fun and meet new friends and see old friends again. Our members of staff aim to provide a stimulating variety of activities including outings to local areas such as the library and parks. (All included at no extra cost). Children are encouraged to self-select activities to meet individual needs and interests. Alongside fun interesting activities that are planned such as arts and craft, baking and outside play.

A light snack is provided mid – morning and afternoon. A home cooked meal at lunch time and tea.

Breakfast Club and Late Pick up

 We open from 7.30am to provide early care if needed. All you need to do is book a place at reception two days before. We can also stay open until 6.30pm if a place is booked on reception 2 days in advance.

Download Our Latest Ofsted Report

It is important to know how your potential nursery is performing. Download our latest ofsted report.

We Have Answers

You can always ask us anything, but here are a few commonly asked questons

Do you accept childcare vouchers

Yes we accept childcare vouchers

What sessions do you offer

We offer our standard sessions from Monday – Friday. Session times are:-




All sessions are subject to availability

(some 2 year olds can also claim 15 hours of free childcare during term time. Please visit this link to find out much more information https://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/care/early-years-and-childcare/help-with-childcare/funded-early-years-places-for-two-year-olds )

Is 8am the earliest time you offer childcare from

Although our standard open times are from 8am-6pm we can also offer an earlier start of 7.30am if needed. This would need to be arranged in advance

What food do you offer the children

We have our own chef who cooks fresh food daily, tailored to the childrens individual, and dietry needs.

How can we find you

We are located at 7 Newcastle Street, S802AS, in Worksop town centre.

Worksop bus station is directly across the road

We are just off the millhouse roundabout, close to the A57 with links to the M1, Sheffield, Chesterfield etc.

Are your staff qualified

All staff are qualified to a minimum of level 3, through to a level 6 Early Years Proffessional status

What staff to children ratios do you use

The ratios differ according to the age of the children and are as follows-

1 : 3 For babies

1:4 Over 2 year olds

1:8 Over 3 year olds

Do you have first aid trained staff

Virtually all of our staff are paediatric first aid trained.